Friday, February 10, 2017

12 Week Vegan/Vegetarian Cooking Series by Veggie Grub

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It's your girl, Chef Rootsie of, Veggie Grub.  I'm excited to announce the 2nd annual Vegan/Vegetarian cooking series that I have developed.  The concept of this series was created for all of you, my loyal supporters as well as, all curious "Foodies".  

The Veggie Grub 12-Week Vegan/Vegetarian Cooking Series promises to be a fun/interactive experience.  Please take your time and preview the flyer above to get the basic details about the class.  However, read more below to get a true sense of what the class will entail, how you can sign-up and more!

     What is the Class About
The focus of this 12-week series is to educate vegans/ vegetarians and the vegan-curious etc... to the exciting world of Veganism.  This course is comparatively unique as I have incorporated an educational aspect as well as having fun with cooking.    In the course syllabus which you will find below,  you will see that each class will discuss various topics like, “To be Vegan, or not to be? That is the question,” “Vegan Language Terms,” “Knife Skills” and more.  Students will have interactive homework assignments and exciting challenges such as, they will compete in a vegan version of, “Chopped” that we will mimic the popular Food Network TV show.   Our participants will go home with three different meals, salads and a dessert from every class.  Menu options like, lasagna, tofu fried chicken, and vegan fish tacos are just some of the mouthwatering recipes we will tackle.  The last session promises to be rewarding for all participants as they will do live cooking demonstrations, receive certificates of completion and get their grub-on with friends/family.  However, before all that happens, our 11th session will be the “Shopping Expedition”, showing my clients how and where to shop for healthy food options, and I'm elated to share this experience with my clients.

Details About the Class
By popular demand we have extended the length of the course to 12-weeks verses last year's 10-weeks. This year the Veggie Grub cooking seminars are on track to more than double the enrollment as the inquiry has been tremendous. The classes will initiate on Sunday, April 2, 2017 and every Sunday thereafter ending on Sunday, June 18, 2017.   There are two exceptions where the classes will happen on a Saturday which is: Saturday, April 15 (Easter Weekend) and Saturday, May 13 (Mother’s Day weekend).    I, along with my staff, will conduct all classes (even Saturday classes) during the hours of 10:00 a.m. through 2 p.m.   The syllabus below will give you the exact dates for the entire 12-week series.    

Directions and Parking
The classes will be held at the “Brooklyn Foodworks”, commercial kitchen space located at: 

The Pfizer building, 630 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11206 (between Tompkins & Marcy Avenue,).  

The actual entrance is at the back of the building, just walk down Tompkins Avenue until you see the huge parking lot.  Upon entering the building, tell security you are going to Brooklyn Foodworks and proceed to take the elevator to the 2nd floor and you're there.  You are allowed to park in parking lot with approval so, please let us know on your registration application that you will need parking.  

Train Directions

  • J/Z train to Flushing Avenue
  • G train to Flushing Avenue
Both train stops are a few blocks away.

Bus Directions

  • B46 and B15 to Flushing and Broadway, 
  • B57 to Flushing & Tompkins, 
  • B54 to Tompkins & Myrtle, 
  • B44 to Flushing & Bedford
  • B43 to Flushing & Tompkins or Flushing & Throop depending on which direction you are coming from.

The Cost of Class & How to Register 
The cost of the 12-Week cooking series is $60 per class if paid no later than one week in advance.  If paying the same day as the actual class the cost will be $75.  Please note that even though the series is geared to be a complete comprehensive course  you do have the option of choosing individual classes to attend and is not bound to register for entire course.  Nevertheless, if taking the entire course and you would like to pay upfront all at once the cost will be $700 and your registration fee will be waived.  Speaking of registration fees, there is a required registration fee of $30 to secure your space if participating in the series.  All registration fees are due by Monday, March, 20, 2017.  Your registration fee will be waived if your refer two or more people to the class.  In order to pay for any of the above you can forward payments to via PayPal.  To arrange for in person, Cash or Debt/Credit payments please feel free to contact Chef Rootsie at (347)304-7442 or contact me at, or  Veggie Grub via Instagram, witter or Facebook.  Upon receipt of your registration payment you will receive a link to fill out the registration forms online or you can fill one out in person.  The class materials needed are minimal and almost everything will be provided for you.  There are suggested class materials that you can purchase to suit your comforts such as: Take home food containers, knife set, apron and scissors.  Though a copy of the class syllabus with dates, and each class focus is below, you will also receive syllabus via email or in person upon completion of registration. Stay tuned for postings about Pop-Up Registration Drives which include free samples happening in the month of March.

The Veggie Grub Professional Team

Chef Rootsie

Chef Rootsie is the brains of the Veggie Grub LLC  operation.  She is a seasoned self-taught vegan/vegetarian chef of 20 years.  She has been running her business Veggie Grub for 15 years and has made a name for herself in NYC as a rocking street vendor /caterer.  Most recently, she has taken her business to another level in which she is now a fully licensed entity, NYS Department of Health approved and operates out of a licensed Commercial Kitchen in Brooklyn, NY.  Her passion for producing vegan/vegetarian comfort food comes from loosing over 200 lbs since the beginning of her food mission and disinheriting her family traits such as Diabetes and Heart disease.  Along with her desire to have her children follow in her footsteps, her business began to fly when she started creating fun , comforting meals that her children loved and she has been unstoppable since.  This 12-Week Cooking Series is just a taste of what Chef Rootsie has to offer to the vegan/vegetarian food industry and community and she invites you to catch the wave and partake in the "Veggie Grub Experience".  Her motto speaks for it all, You won't believe it's vegan!

Chef Jacquueline Gibson

Chef Jacqueline Gibson is the creator and owner of ELAINE'S SWEETS LLC. Jacqueline has been cooking since she was 7 years old, along side her mom. She enjoyed it so much that she went to cooking school. She learned to bake on her own, followed by her experience of being in the food industry for 24 years. Once she started with baking desserts, she loved baking so much, that she became an expert in making cheesecakes. Evidently, she has created wonders of her own,that she is very proud of. However she has not stopped learning, Jacqueline says, she learns more and more everyday ,and she loves it.

  Chef IonzKush

Chef IonzKush is a Rasta of many Roots.  Session 5 of the cooking series will demonstrate to the class how to create Raw Food and Live Juice recipes.   This session will be partially instructed by Chef IonzKush.  He is a Raw Food Technician, a Live Juice Maestro and a  Farmer to name just a few.  Chef Rootsie of Veggie Grub first met him in Jamaica WI and after tasting his Raw Ackees and other Raw delectibles, she knew this brother had blessed hands and techniques.  Chef IonzKush attributes his unique skill-set to watching his aunt as as a child. She was a natural healer  in his community and her methods gave him the desire to heal through food.  This crusade led him to the Rastafarian movement wherein he was schooled about natural herbs and how to "Eat to Live" by the elders in the Rastafarian community.  Most recently, Chef IonzKush has migrated to the U.S.  where he continues to perfect his crafts by way of California, Pennsylvania and now New York.  Along with his mate his business, Kush2Kemet produce Roots Wine, Raw Food  and Knitted Crafts.  He is dedicated to contribute to society by teaching what he has leaned about leading a natural lifestyle to enhance the longevity of life and the earth.

Chef Shakiyah-Zulu

Jr. Chef, Shakiyah-Zulu is the daughter of Veggie Grub's Chef Rootsie.  Sprouting not too far from her mother's roots Chef Shakiyah-Zulu is Tofu Master and will partially instruct the first session dealing with Tofu.  She plans to follow in Chef Rootsie's footsteps by being a chef to be reckoned with and continue the Veggie Grub legacy.

Beginner’s Cooking Series

Chef Rootsie • 347-304-7442 •

Course Description
This is a vegan/vegetarian cooking series for beginners as well as advanced cooks. The course will cover instruction of basic to advanced food and dessert recipes. The course will also introduce Raw food, juicing and healing kitchen techniques. This series will entail many aspects such as the shopping expedition, cooking challenges and an end of the series smorgasbord.

Course objectives
Students will learn the basics of incorporating a balanced vegetarian diet into their lifestyle. They will also learn new techniques and recipes that are vegetarian / vegan.

Pre Requirements
The Desire to learn and cook good vegan/vegetarian food. Registration fees.

Materials Needed

Take home food containers, scissors, apron. Knife set optional.

Additional Information

  • Classes will start on time at 10 am, so please arrive on time.  
  • Completing all h.w. assignments will be beneficial to strengthening what you have learned.  
  • Don’t forget to take opportunity of the $60 class fee you must pay 1 week in advance. Same day payments will be $75.

Class Syllabus

Week 1 : 4/2/2017

  • Class Introductions & Overview
  • Topic: To be vegan or not to be? That is the question.
  • MP (Meal Plan): Tofu 3 ways, Kale salad, Cheesecake
H.W.: Find Tofu in a local market. Price compare it. Cook & bring a sample. Explain challenges.

Week 2 : 4/9/2017

  • Last week review.
  • Topic: Knife skills & necessary kitchen equipment/tools
  • MP: Lo Mein, Spring Rolls, Broccoli in Garlic Sauce, Cole Slaw, Flaky Apple Rosettes.

H.W.: Recreate one thing from last class & ask family or friends to taste test. Note their response.

Week 3 : 4/15/2017
  • Last week reviews
  • Topic: Vegan Language Terms
  • MP: Dirty rice, mac & cheese, stir fry rib tips, fried cauliflower, Cucumber & tomato salad, chocolate chip cookies
H.W.: Map out where and what you would eat in one day as a vegan/vegetarian while out and about.

Week 4 : 4/23/2017
  • Last week reviews.
  • Topic: Functioning as a vegan on a daily basis, necessary supplies
  • MP: Split pea soup, hummus wrap, tortillas, energy bars

H.W.: Pack a vegan lunch for 1 week.

Week 5 : 4/30/2017
  • Last week reviews
  • Topic: Raw food, juicing, healing kitchen
  • MP: lasagna, juice varieties, cold remedies, more TBA

HW: Eat raw for one day, LOL

Week 6 : 5/7/2017
  • Last week reviews
  • Topic: YouTube & other cooking support sources
  • MP: Lasagna, Tamales, spinach salad, empanadas, cupcakes.
H.W.: print copies of recipes to share with class

Week 7 : 5/13/2017
  • Class updates & review 
  • Topic: Building protein in meals
  • M.P.: Fish tacos, fritters, fried okras, banana pudding

HW: Pick one thing to prepare in front of class

Week 8 : 5/21/2017
  • Class updates and reviews. 
  • Topic: Meal planning, shopping, strategies, timing meals
  • MP: Class demonstrations

HW: Study vegan language list/ prepare for quiz

Week 9 : 5/28/2017
  • Class review & quiz 
  • Topic: Will you be Chopped???
HW: Research health food stores/ restaurants/etc. in your neighborhood and create a 7 day meal plan. Navigate where you will go.

Week 10 : 6/4/2017
  • Class review
  • Topic: Plan for last class and Shopping Expedition
  • MP: Class requests TBA
HW: Make a shopping list for your smorgasbord
Contribution, invite family and friends.

Week 11 : 6/11/2017
  • Class review
  • Shopping Expedition
HW: Plan meal for smorgasbord and email it to Chef Rootsie

Week 12 : 6/18/2017
  • Smorgasbord!
  • Graduation!

Thank you for taking the time to visit this blog page to find out about the Veggie Grub 12-Week Vegan/Vegetarian Cooking Series.  We have many sponsors interested in helping to fund this mission and will post their information soon. Plus during the month of march, we will be doing a Pop-Up Registration Drive every weekend leading up to the first class.  Please stay linked so you can get this information as it disperses.   We  look forward to teaching you, meeting with you or just hearing your feedback.  Wishing food wellness to all!

Chef Rootsie



  1. I am so looking forward to this year's series!

  2. Can't wait to show you guys how to make some of my yummy empanadas during this awesome series!!

  3. This is going to be an A-MA-ZING experience and a tasty one too! I am so looking forward to learning as much as I am to teaching those eager to learn about delicious vegan treats that rival their dairy filled competitor's hands down!!!

    Chef Jea'nee

  4. I must say this class looks like its going to be an enlightening journey through the food world. I'm sure this class will open our minds and spirits to the infinite possibities of creating beautiful delicious meals and techniques that are quite nutritious for you and your loved ones. I'm sure this is a life changing journey for all of the tools you need to change your foodie lifestyles are here at Chef Rootsie 12 week hands on course. I'm Proud of you Sister Rootsie Don!!! Yes I am. Very Thorough Line Up:0)

  5. I must say this class looks like its going to be an enlightening journey through the food world. I'm sure this class will open our minds and spirits to the infinite possibities of creating beautiful delicious meals and techniques that are quite nutritious for you and your loved ones. I'm sure this is a life changing journey for all of the tools you need to change your foodie lifestyles are here at Chef Rootsie 12 week hands on course. I'm Proud of you Sister Rootsie Don!!! Yes I am. Very Thorough Line Up:0)

  6. Blessed Dawter Rootsie.great event I just want to say continue the good works I am looking forward to b apart of such goodness.all of the instructors or very talented so it's a irie look.more life Everytime

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  8. I love the blog. Great post. It is very true, people must learn how to learn before they can learn. lol i know it sounds funny but its very true. . .

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  12. The class sounds like a great culinary experience. I wish I could have been a part of the journey. I cater food to many corporate events NYC. One thing I have learned from my experience is that, the more heart you put into cooking, the better it tastes!

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